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Reevaluating Non-Compete Agreements in the Auto Sales Industry (yes, AutoNation)

It’s time to take a hard look at non-compete agreements in the car business. Let’s use an example: AutoNation, the Fort-Lauderdale-based car industry giant and Fortune 500 company. For the past twenty years or more, AutoNation has had a field day filing weak non-compete lawsuits. AutoNation files these cases in its backyard, the United States … Continue reading

One More Time: Leave the Documents Behind

A recent case out of Connecticut reaffirms one of the most basic tenants of defending non-compete cases: Leave it behind.  Documents, customer lists, confidential files.  Leave all of it behind.  Do not attempt to take it with you for use at your new employer. A radio sales executive, Kristin Okesson, quit her job at a … Continue reading